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A Radar reflector is a requirement to comply with SOLAS Chapter V

For safety's sake fit Sea-me, the ACTIVE Radar Target Enhancer.

Don't get lost in the clutter! Whether you Motor or Sail the Sea-me is for you. Sailing yachts and motor cruisers generally built of GRP, are inherently poor reflectors of radar signals. To improve their visibility sailors have carried a radar reflector - a passive device. The Sea-me Radar Target Enhancer is an active system which receives a radar signal, amplifies it and re-transmits it. This ensures a stronger return signal and a more even strength around the 360 azimuth.

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Orkney 24 has to say about his Sea-me.

Sea-me Price 449.95.  (Price does not include installation.)

The full SOLAS V text is available on the MCA website at:

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